Moody's No.1 advertising by Neon brand consultancy


When is a No 1 not a No 1?

Following the success of our campaign for Moody’s CreditView, the client asked us to help promote their Asia-Pacific (APAC) team as the leading player in the region – with a specific objective of targeting the main financial centres in Australia, Shanghai and Singapore.

To find out more about this project please see the full case study here.

We not only has great results in terms of measured perception of Moody’s in the APC region but also but also great client feedback…

“A very smart campaign, produced within a very challenging time frame and has had a real impact on our APAC audiences.”

Head of Engagement and Corporate Finance Product Strategy
Moody’s Analytics

If you would like to see more of what we have done for Moody’s, please do take a look at our CreditView project, and the work we’ve done recently on positioning Moody’s ESG and its subsequent roll out of the Moody’s ESG marketing campaign

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